Track Plates

Track Plates


Heat transfer plates are used for Dry Below installations of 3/8”,1/2” or 5/8” pex. Plates provide a direct transfer and heat distribution from Pex piping to the underside of a wooden subfloor. HeatTrak simplifies the installation by allowing the pipe to be snapped in place.

ProPanel is used for Dry-Above applications. ProPanel is available in 24” x 48” aluminum and paper coated sections that allow straight runs, 180 and 90 degree turns. The pipe groves are specially manufactured on 8” centers so that the pex tubing snaps into the groves and stays without needing silicone to hold the tubing in place. ProPanel is approved for indoor use manufactured with resilient OSB/particle board and is water resistant.

Pipe tracking provides even pipe spacing and exact regulation of pipe heights and can be fastened to many surfaces; concrete or plywood subfloors, steel Q decking, and styrofoam insulation. 

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