ComfortPro® Systems is the new name for an Old Company.

Since 1990 we have been focused on selling complete radiant floor heating and snow melting systems. Over the years we have expanded into plumbing (1996), mini duct heating and  cooling QuietAir (2002). pre-insulated pex piping MicroFlex (2005), and Pexgol process piping (2009).

ComfortPro Systems is a one stop shop for several essential product categories: (radiant, plumbing, cooling, and pre-insulated pex pipe). Our goal is to sell energy saving comfort and peace of mind through an integrated whole house plumbing, heating and air conditioning system.

Control at Any Level

Adding and removing energy precisely for maximum comfort and efficiency.

Providing sufficient systems for fastest return on investment.

Re-inventing processes while reducing energy consumption.


While the concepts and tools are as old as time, new technologies serve to redefine and reapply known value for greater achievement of needs and goals.



Radiant Delivers Superior Comfort and Efficiency

Radiant easily compliments any standard floor construction method to deliver efficient, even, draft free thermal control in areas not comfortably conditioned by convection systems.

The number one reason consumers choose AquaHeat hydronic radiant floor heating is comfort. The system eliminates chilly drafts. There’s no need for fans to move air around. In today’s new home designs, hydronic radiant floor heating makes even more sense. Rooms (bathrooms included) are larger, with higher ceilings and lots of tile and other cold surfaces. with forced-air and radiator heating, these spaces generally feel cold, that’s not a problem with radiant floor heating; even the hard surfaces will feel warm to the touch.

The floor is the source of comfort. Imagine a home with no drafts, fan noise or hot or cold spots! Every inch of floor in every room is warm to the touch. The system allows great flexibilty when it comes to furniture arrangement, too. With radiant floor heating, furniture can be placed anywhere because there are no grills or radiators.

The system allows great flexibility when it comes to furniture arrangement, too. With forced air or radiators, occupants must strategically place their furniture to accommodate grills or radiators, with radiant floor heating, furniture can go anywhere because there are no grills or radiators.


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